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Master concepts like asynchronous programming,test driven development,websockets, background tasks and much more and all of this in our favorite framework!


Industry Standard Practices

We try to bring in Industry grade pactices, This makes it tough for beginners but makes you Insdustry ready.

Test Driven FastAPI

We don't just write code, We write it following the TDD guidelines.

Clean Code

We warn and suggest you clean code practices e.g.Seperation of Concerns, Hidden Temporal Coupling, etc.

Near Production Grade

We don't promise 100% production grade applications however these applications can be used to serve thousands of users in production setting.

Advanced Topics

We try to explain advanced topics like migrations, async, isolation, security etc.

Tools and Tricks

We use tools like Git, Github and also show linting, coverage etc. in our projects.

Eye on Security

We try to follow best security guidelines to mitigate OSWAP Top 10 risks.

Harsh Reality

We are not here to impress anyone, So, no matter how hard it is for you, We never compromise on quality.


I had some experience in flask, but I had zero experience in Fastapi. I just followed your articles and I was able to crack 2 jobs in Backend(FastAPI)

Sam keene

I want to thank you guys, I am selected for SDE Role, Half of the interview revolved around tests and optimizing tests. Your guide helped me a lot.

Roman Dovhan

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Every month, Our team brings in advance concepts in an easy to follow way.


Brige the gap between Tutorial hell and Industry. We want to bring in the culture of Clean Code, Test Driven Development.

We know, we might make it hard for you but definitely worth the efforts.



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